Knowing the evolution of Mug Printing !!!

Knowing the evolution of Mug Printing !!!

What do you mean by Mug Printing? A poster is an idea of promotion or advertisement of any product or business, put in a public place for promoting business. Mug Printing can be of two forms, either it can be in a written manner or pictorial form. Posters are an attractive means of advertising and have used for various purposes. It gives informative knowledge about the content for which it has been published or designed.

Mug Printing is a cost-efficient method as compared to other promotional tools for production of any message to communicated. Posters have commonly used in events, movies, etc.

The history behind the Mug Printing!!

The poster can be of two types, written or pictorial. The posters evolved around 200 years ago; they are used to define products or art. The Mug Printing was earlier used for war purposes in the eighteenth century, in the war period. Later, the posters had replaced by the radio for communicating to the public as the primary source for communication. The main motive of the evolution of posters is to attract the customers by preparing it of various sizes and styles.

The printing methods which had used earlier

The first method to be used as lithography printing. During the time of this printing, the technology was costly, and there was less manufacturing of the posters. The printing of the posters had done on wood material; these were having limited designs for the posters and did not make the posters attractive. With the introduction of the stone lithography, there was a modification in the printing of the posters. The colored Mug Printing has done with the help of this new feature, which makes the sign look more attractive and eye-catching. More designs and ideas were available for creating Mug Printing, and it was a cost-effective method. The usage of stone lithography was not simple to design, but the results of the printing were excellent.

Later, in every country, Mug Printing was attaining more importance, and it had considered as an art to express the ideas and design to the public. The posters are used in restaurants cafes to attract more customers and can apply in fairs or national festivals.

Usage of a Mug Printing in the modern world

Poster Printing is a well-known phenomenon, used for expressing ideas and for communicating essential information to the general public. Though with the introduction of new technologies, the posters are not as famous as they were earlier, they are still sold today for attracting new customers. Posters are used to promote and advertise events, films, etc. Posters have applied for design purposes; it can be used in public transport and educational institutions with the help of colorful pictures or can be in writing.

For not losing the importance of the poster in the emerging world of Mug Printing and with the introduction of new printing techniques, the fabric paper for printing has introduced. The fabric keeps the poster flat and framed and helps the poster to get repair easily after worn or torn of paper.